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Woldendorp, Keman and Budge (2000) Party Government data set updated through 2014:

This page provides the various data sets, supporting materials and Stata files required for creating the governments and ministers data sets in a variety of units of analysis. Please cite the following: Katsunori Seki and Laron K. Williams, 2014. "Updating the Party Government Data Set", Electoral Studies.

Download all the files below here


  • Seki-Williams Governments Dataset (Version 2.0): contains all WKB governments updated through 2014.

  • Seki-Williams Ministers Dataset (Version 2.0): Detailed ministry data (with begining and ending tenure dates for individual ministers) from the early-1990s through 2014.

  • Seki-Williams Annual Government Partisanship: Annual government partisanship (both with MARPOR data and complexion of government [CPG] variables) for 37 democracies in the post-World War II period through 2014 (see codebook below).

  • WKB ministers data: Stata version of the WKB data set contained in their 2000 volume.

Annual Government Partisanship (Manifesto Data) for Four European Democracies


Stata files:

If the Seki-Williams Annual Government Partisanship dataset is not what you need, then you can modify temporal dimension (i.e., quarterly or monthly), change the unit of analysis to government-party, or create different government partisanship variables, then use the following Stata do file:

Supporting materials: